Holistic Therapy Fair Usage Policy

Apr 3, 2018

Holistic Therapy Fair Usage Policy

We are introducing a new policy for holistic therapy appointments. The need for this has arisen as we have a limited number available each week and we want to allocate these as fairly as possible. We have found it difficult to have availability for people who are newly registered to our service as these appointments often get booked up far ahead. When people first join us, it is often when they are undergoing cancer treatment, providing direct care to someone undergoing treatment or have been recently bereaved as a result of cancer. Often we are unable to book holistic therapies for them as the appointments have been taken. From the 1st April, anyone registering with us will be given a ‘Holistic Therapy Access Card’. This will entitle them to up to six free of charge holistic therapies. These can be used whenever the individual would like to use them and when appointments are available. When all six have been used and pending availability, therapies can then be accessed which will be charged at £20 per appointment thereafter.

We know that many of our Centre users thoroughly enjoy the benefits of holistic therapies and will understand the demand we have for this service. We will therefore provide a Holistic Therapy Access card to any of our existing service users who would like to continue to request appointments. When your card is full and you have used all six of your free of charge appointments, you can still request to book therapies which will be charged at £20 per session thereafter (depending on availability).

This will be a trial which will be monitored to ensure it is achieving the aim of providing a fair and accessible service. I am sure we can count on your support to ensure the implementation of the new policy and the intention of making sure everyone who wishes to access therapies can do so. Please note – this policy does not apply to beauty therapies. Those can still be booked in the same way they have always been.

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